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Name:Deep Dish Nine
Website:Deep Dish Nine Tumblr
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Welcome to Deep Dish Nine!

Deep Dish Nine is a tumblr joke turned larger scale tumblr joke turned Collaborative Freeform Alternate Universe! Deep Dish Nine lives on Tumblr in the tracked tag deep dish nine, as well the Tumblr account that takes submissions, answers silly questions, and tries to collect all the content generated in the tag in one place. We set up a franchise here because Tumblr doesn't do comments so well. Expansion is good for business!

The basics of Deep Dish Nine can fluctuate, and that's part of the fun, but what seems to have been vaguely agreed upon so far is this -

Rather than officers in space, the cast of Deep Space Nine works day to day in a pizza shop owned by Benjamin Sisko. It used to be another restaurant operated by this sleezy upscale guy from the Cardassia Heights neighborhood called Dukat, but it flopped. Next door is a bar run by a profit-obssessed man named Quark and somewhere across town is rival Dominion's Pizza, run by whoever their 'Founders' are, but usually figureheaded by a weird-looking little guy named Weyoun. It is rumoured they are actually a coverup for some sort of drug ring.

Ongoing adventures include Nerys' various attempts at maiming Dukat after unwanted sexual advance of the week, the souped-up delivery truck 'The Defiant', Worf's dedication to honor and incredibly loud opera, Julian's lunch breaks with the suspicious Garak, Jadzia's creepy poker games with Quark, Miles' ongoing frustration with the electrical wiring and the ovens in the building, and 'What the hell is Odo wearing today that is somehow fooling people into thinking he's not the same person he was yesterday?'

Any character can have a Deep Dish Nine counterpart, and we'll accept pretty much anything! The community and generally accepted story as a whole leans toward certain tastes - most of us are very inclined toward Garak/Bashir, Jadzia and Ziyal not dying, and this AU being mostly hilarity and fluff - but it's fun for everyone, so submit away!

You can also Deep Dish Nine on LiveJournal.
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